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Nothing Matters by Liana Key



I should never have fallen in love with her. I was just an ordinary boy from the wrong side of town, I’d never be good enough for her. But she didn’t see it like that. She loved me, I loved her. This was the real thing.

And then one night, one event changed everything. Now she can’t even bear to look at me. I lost the love of my life…and now nothing f**king matters…


If ever there was a love at first sight moment, it was when I saw Nathan. I didn’t care where he lived, what car he drove, nothing mattered other than our love. Our love was unexpected, but it was real, it was true. He made me crazy, he made me laugh, he made me dream…

And then It happened…and everything we had was lost.

She was the girl I never thought I could have, sweet, beautiful, perfect. Why she fell for someone like me, shy, inexperienced, scarred, I couldn’t work it out. A brief summer romance, that’s all it would ever be.

But circumstances brought us together again and the hardest lessons of love and loss were yet to be learned…

Three lives learning about love and life the hard way
Love, pain, truth

Finding out what really matters…
My review… 

In this book, it had so many things happening, I couldn’t keep up but it was evenly paced. It was written well with the chemistry between Magdala and Nathan, and then later with Magdala and Flynn. It was gut wrenching and heart thrilling but I couldn’t put the book down. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but now I have to wait to read book 2, 3 & 4. But all in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Magdala thoughts about Nathan.

I just smile. I don’t need to talk when I’m with Nathan. I kind of love the way he talks for me. He sounds so proud. He makes me sound more interesting than I really am. 

Cash and Magdala talking.

“They’re all looking over here.” Cash says. I don’t turn around, start eating my food. “Is he interested in you?”

I shrug. “How would I know?” I pretend to be clueless.

Raff and Magdala working on school homework.

“You must think I’m a loser.” I say. “Nine times nine is seventy nine? Pathetic.”

The song that suits this book is “Hold Back The River by James Bay.”

I rate this book 4 stars.


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