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Love God Hate Church (moving past the “Do’s and Don’t’s”) by Mike Moore, Foreword by Bill Johnson


Love God Hate Church. Those are fightin’ words–but Mike Moore stands behind them. He’s written a book that blows the lid off everything you thought you knew about church, Christianity, and the One who started it all: God.

The God Mike knows is not interested in you being driven by guilt, fear, or “do this and don’t do that.” He’s a God of infinite love, mercy, and freedom–the kind of freedom that can radically transform your life.
In bite-sized stories that are plainspoken, raw, relatable, and often hilarious, Mike reveals the nature of the one true God. Mike’s message doesn’t spoon-feed you dos and dont’s: he wants you to know the love of God and how it changes everything.
My Review…

Now my review is going to be a little different for this book only because it’s going to be based on personal opinion, yes other reviews are that also, but this more so personal because it’s based on religion and views on God and Jesus Christ.

First thing, I don’t believe in God, I wasn’t raised Catholic or religious in any shape or form, so I don’t believe in “The One” and reading this book I was thinking seriously? People actually think that God is talking to you, sure when I was younger I prayed. I got nothing… I eat meat on Good Friday, I don’t want people bad mouthing me for my choices or condemning me to Hell. I respect everyone’s views on this subject but that’s just me.

There were a few points in here that struck home, only his ‘metaphors’ about God.

Now back to my review. This book was actually interesting because Mike Moore viewed God in a certain way nearly his whole life until one day that changed. He looked at him (God) in a different light and now his soul purpose is to help others view their God the same as Mike did. His reasons and argue nets were valid, but he couldn’t make me believe in God.

If you are Catholic or know someone who is, give this a read.

All I can say is, if you read these pages and you aren’t shocked, outraged, moves and called to a new love of God, then one of us failed. 

That’s the thing about judgement: it’s rarely based in truth.

All of us are guilty of saying one thing and doing the opposite. We may know the right thing to do, but somewhere in our hearts, we are believing something that’s causing us to act differently.  


I rate this book 2.5 stars.


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