Book Haul & Wrap Ups

March 2016: Wrap Up.

March Wrap up.

This month (March Book Haul) I purchased 10 paperback copies (In Photo above), 2 of them were given to me, while I still have 1 on order. 3 digital copies were also given to me.
In total this month I have read 4 books. Below I have Included a little recap and my favourite quote that I chose from my review.

Nothing Matters by Liana Key.
This story was a great read, the characters mixed so well together, you couldn’t get enough.
My Favourite Quote:
I just smile. I don’t need to talk when I’m with Nathan. I kind of love the way he talks for me. He sounds so proud. He makes me sound more interesting than I really am.

Passenger by Alexandra Brecken.
This story was all about the time travel, it made every history in the sotyr worth telling and you just wanted to read more, the plus side is there was love involved which made it even better.
My Favourite Quote:
“Do pirates ever surrender?” she asked. “I thought they only went down in blazes of glory.”

Love God Hate Church by Mike Moore.
Now this was not my favourite read of this month, actually I didn’t enjoy this book, sure some parts were okay but since being a “non-believer” I had no interest in it.
My Favourite Quote:
All I can say is, if you read these pages and you aren’t shocked, outraged, moves and called to a new love of God, then one of us failed.

Slammed by Colleen Hoover.
This is on my most favourites lists from Colleen Hoover, she never ceases to amaze me with her novels, I can honestly say I really enjoyed this one.
My Favourite Quote:
“Nothing,” I say  “y’all can go back to class. She just wanted to know where we got the materials for your costumes so she can be a hemorrhoid next year.”

Well, thats the end of my March Wrap up, I hope you enjoyed my little recap of what I’ve read this month, hopefully next month I’ll be doing much more reading then I done this month!!

Feel free to comment below on your favourite reads of this month or contact me at
– Instagram: c.reneebookworld
– Goodreads: creneebookworld


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