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All That Matters by Liana Key



She was at the back door.
“I forgot my jacket,” I lied so easily.
She ushered me in, I followed, closing the door behind me. It seemed to startle her and she looked behind, at me.
“I didn’t forget my jacket,” I said. She didn’t respond, her eyes just watching me. I worried I’d made the wrong decision.
“I didn’t bring a jacket,” I said, suddenly sure I’d made the wrong decision.
Neither of us moved. It was going to be wrong, so wrong.
There was still a chance to turn away, still a chance to say I made a mistake, to just flee.
But I didn’t want to.
I wanted to stay.
I wanted her.
I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what was happening.
Was I seducing, or being seduced?
Did I take the lead? Or did I follow?
What were the rules? Were there any rules?
What was I thinking? Only that I wasn’t thinking.
That I was about to go somewhere forbidden, unknown, somewhere where there would be no return.
But I wouldn’t be alone.
He would be with me.
And it seemed like that was all that mattered…


My Review…

I’ve always appreciated reading in a males Point Of View, and this book proved that appreciation. This book is full of wrong types of relationships but the chemistry between Cash and Poala is unbelievable, it makes you wonder why society can’t except couples who are of all different ages,especially ones with massive ages gapes. It isn’t fair. But in saying that, this book was a wonderful read and how the Author Liana made it work.

Cash to Poala.

I said “If you were any hotter right now, you’d self combust.”

Cash’s dad to Cash.

“Hey if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be,” he said philosophically.

Cash said to Poala.

“I’m not rejecting you,” he said, his lips brushing my hair, “but sometimes family matters takes precedence.” 

The song that suits this book is ‘Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams’ 

I rate this book 4 stars.


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