Book Haul & Wrap Ups

April 2016: Wrap Up.


April Wrap up.

This month (April Book Haul) I purchased 10 paperback copies (In bottom Photo above), 4 of them were given to me by my boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary. (The Crossfire Series.)
In total this month I have read 5 books (In Top photo). Below I have Included a little recap and my favourite quote that I chose from my review.

All That Matters by Liana Key.
This book is full of wrong types of relationships but the chemistry between Cash and Poala is unbelievable.
My Favourite Quote:
I said “If you were any hotter right now, you’d self combust.”

Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover.
Warren and Bridgette their chemistry was sassy, steamy and hot. The sex scenes really made this book.
My Favourite Quote:
That kiss on the cheek means we’re official.
That kiss on the cheek means I have a girlfriend.

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren.
This book was juicy, sassy and hilarious. The Romance (instalove) between Ansel and Mia was unbelievable.
My Favourite Quote:
“What you feel, Cerise? I feel it, too. Fuck, Mia, I feel everything for you.”

Dirty Rowdy Thing by Christina Lauren. 
It wasn’t instalove but it was lustful right from the beginning, it was hot and sexy.
My Favourite Quote:
“You okay, Ginger Snap?”I like that he calls me that, like he’s branded some part of me all his own.
I nod, managing a “Fine, just….”

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren.
I’ve always been a fan of best friends turning into lovers, and this story between Lola and Oliver was just perfect.
My Favourite Quote:
“I’m glad you approve,” I say. “I’m parked around the corner.” She follows me out, saying goodbye to Joe. And then she takes my arm and smiles up at me. “I definitely approve.”
Yep. I am fucked.

Well, thats the end of my April Wrap up, I hope you enjoyed my little recap of what I’ve read this month. I hope next month will be more exciting reads then this month!

Feel free to comment below on your favourite reads of this month or contact me at
– Instagram: c.reneebookworld
– Goodreads: creneebookworld


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