Interview: Madeline Antonia Rosenberg.

Firstly, thank you Madeline for taking the time to answer my questions.
I hope you enjoy her answers as I have 🙂
Madeline is the author of Hot Mess, if you haven’t read it yet. You should!

Q. What inspired you to start writing?
A. Young adult romance novels have been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. I enjoy watching romantic storylines play out in movies and on TV and I found it interesting how I would get attached to two characters who seemed in love and then to my dismay have the show break the characters up. When real life situations happen to me, I think about it in a story book format. I am inspired from my daily life, TV shows, books and movies.

Q. Where did you come up with the “Hot Mess” concept?
A. I started writing Hot Mess a few years ago because I wanted to bring that excitement to readers with my own characters and storyline! Some of the story is based on my life; whereas other parts are completely fictional. It was exciting to develop the characters story and take them in a different direction than I had originally planned. I love when fans give me feedback and beg for more. I also love when my story elicits different emotions from readers.

Q. Where did the main characters come from?
A. I based Anna, the main character, off of myself. We have the same appearance (skinny, short, curly blonde hair and brown eyes), clothing style and mannerisms. Some characters were completely made up, and some I based off of people I know.

Q. Were they real life events?
A. Some of it was 😉

Q. Was it easy for you to write or did you find it difficult?
A. Both. When I am inspired and have an idea, I am able to write and write. When I have writer’s block, I have to take a break and go back to it. Sometimes I write on my phone or on a separate piece of paper and combine everything after.

Q. How many times did you have to go back and edit before it could be published?
A. A lot! I tend to be a perfectionist with my writing. The good thing about self-publish is you can always go back and edit your spelling and grammar mistakes.

Q. What was the hardest process you went through?
A. The hardest process for me was pressing the publish button and letting the book go in a sense. Pressing publish for the first time is a little nerve wracking!

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A. I would love to be on the NY Times Bestsellers List and have a few books out. I would also love to have a TV show or movie made off of my book!

Q. How important are reviews to you?
A. Extremely important!!! As a reader, I never realized how important they are. As a writer, I am able to appreciate and write reviews when I finish books. I love when people tell me they read my reviews and think my book sounds intriguing. Reviews really do make a difference.

Q. What is your favorite part of Hot Mess?
A. It’s hard to pick a favorite scene, because there are so many. The twist at the end – it’s sad but it really is a game changer for the whole book.

Q. If you looked back 10 years ago, would you have thought you’d be where you are today?
A. No way! I never knew it was possible. I would write stories, and never finish them.

Q. Any advice for upcoming Authors/ aspiring writers?
A. Always follow your dreams. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Don’t listen to negative reviews, because as long as you believe in your story, nothing else should matter!



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