Book Haul & Wrap Ups

July 2016: Wrap Up.


July Wrap up.

This month (July Book Haul) I purchased 5 paperbacks. (In Top Photo above)
In total this month I have read 5 books (In Bottom photo). Below I have Included a little recap and my favourite quote that I chose from my review.


Love Tap by M. N Forgy.
I can honestly say that I haven’t read a book that involved that much fighting and the nitty gritty details, but I LOVED it.
My Favourite Quote:
I’d rather be in exercise gear and comfortable underwear, than wear high heels, and a maxi dresses with butt floss.

Destroy Me by Shana Vanterpool.
This book had me hanging on the edge of my seat, I really couldn’t get enough and once this book had finished, it felt like it wasn’t enough.
My Favourite Quote:
“Yes, thank you. Do you have any kids?” she asks, stepping inside.“No. But I love trying.” She frowns at me.

Anything But Love by Daisy Prescott.
It had me laughing nearly every chapter, it put me in good spirits. It’s a must read if you’re in a book slump!
My Favourite Quote:
“In other words, I touched what was his and he got revenge by making me the fantasy of millions of women? I see several flaws in his plan to take me down.”

The Prince and The Player by Tia Louise.
I’m not a big fan on cliff hangers but I guess that leaves readers on the edge of their seat waiting for the next book, just like me.
My Favourite Quote:
“It must be lovely to walk along the shore at sunrise.”“I wouldn’t know,” Cal laughs. “I’m more of a ‘walk along the shore at sunset’ type,”

Vivienne’s Guilt by Heather M. Orgeron.
How can I put this book into words?
How can I explain what this book has done to my emotions without giving too much away? It’s simple, grab tissues.
My Favourite Quote:
“I want to lick him.”Cassie lets out a loud guffaw, and I realise that I may have just said that out loud.



Well, thats the end of my July Wrap up, I hope you enjoyed my little recap of what I’ve read this month. I hope next month will be more exciting!

Feel free to comment below on your favourite reads of this month or contact me at
– Instagram: creneebookworld
– Goodreads: creneebookworld


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