Random Snippets.

So I’m going to post some random snippets of my novel, of what I have written so far.

A little update on the novel as well, I am currently on Chapter 12 and my aim is Chapter 24, so I am now half way to finishing my novel (YAY HAPPY DANCE)
I’m trying to write as fast and as much as I can and hopefully have edits done by the end of this year, early next year and then I can either release the first novel or write my next two before Realising any.
It depends on the readers if they enjoy my novel or not.
So I hope you like my random snippets, grabbed from random chapters.

**These are subject to change either Beta readers or from an Editor.** 

Friday night, I start by having a bath and shaving all areas of my body known to man. I can’t shake the feeling of being a little hairy at one of these events, can you imagine if someone noticed.

“Is this seat taken?” a smooth voice says behind me, it sounds like it’s been dipped in honey. I turn around and the wind has been knocked out of me.

“Actually, I’m on my way out and I’m beat from the meetings I had today. Rain check yeah?” I sound way confident then I feel.

“Louise, I’m not taking a no for an answer, and would you look at that, I’m waiting outside your building.” I can hear the traffic and cars driving past in the background. This is not good.

Well I hope you have enjoyed that.

Please let me know if you liked it!

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