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August 2016: Wrap Up.


August Wrap up.

This month (August Book Haul) I purchased 2 paperbacks. (In Top Photo above)
In total this month I have read 9 books (In Bottom photo). Below I have Included a little recap and my favourite quote that I chose from my review.


Rogue by Michele Mannon.
Jaxon’s character is to die for, he is the best of them (book boyfriend I mean) who will stay with you for weeks!
My Favourite Quote:
He nods, and I get the impression I’ve somehow earned his respect. “Better prepare yourself. You’re going to need to do more than shake your ass if you want to survive Hell Camp.”

Once Upon A (Stolen) Time by Samreen Ahsan.
I actually can’t express what I’m feeling right now into words but I will say this, I WANT MORE!!
My Favourite Quote:
“So if this place has been vacant for six centuries, is there any chance we’ll see ghosts?” Steve asked.“Boo…! Tyler suddenly turned around and raised his arms at me.
I jerked back, startled. “Shit, Tyler! That’s not funny.”

Blind Landing by Carrie Aarons.
Natalia is sassy while Spence is loveable, their characters was a great combination.
My Favourite Quote:
“Are you even straight!? Look at him, He’s a god.”

Kaden by Brit Lauren.
Kaden’s charm and humour is to die for, but he also has a caring heart and looks to drop plenty of panties.
My Favourite Quote:
Melissa glances briefly at Ethan before dragging her eyes all over me. I’d almost feel violated if I wasn’t, well . . . me.

Love Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan.
but for Blake and Graham their story took me to places I never thought possible
My Favourite Quote:
“And I went over the words upside down. It helps keep them in my brain, you know.”Since Rowan’s back was to her, Blake rolled her eyes. “Are you sure they don’t just fall out?”

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.
I had too many emotions to comprehend what I was actually feeling.
My Favourite Quote:
She won’t talk about Jesus. She already loves you, based on what I’ve told her. All you have to do is be you, Lily.”I start nodding. “Be me. Okay. I think I can pretend to be me for one evening. Right?”

Wait by A.L Jackson.
the raw passion between these two characters will leave chills on your skin
My Favourite Quote:
His approval I sought.He grabbed me by the shoulders. Shook me. Fingers digging into my skin. “So fuckin’ proud of you, Austin. So fuckin’ proud.”

The Debt By Karina Halle.
the connection between Kier and Jessica was on a different level.
My Favourite Quote:
I could back out. But I don’t want to. I’ve had enough of restraining myself, of being my own cock-blocker.

Stripped Down By Emma Hart.
to the hot and sassy Cassie to her daughter being even more sassy and full of character and then Beckett, who is the hottest book boyfriend I’ve had to date.
My Favourite Quote:
“Beck, I already told you I’m not washing your underwear,” was the line she opened with. “I don’t mind helping you be an adult, but the underwear is a step too far.”


Well, thats the end of my August Wrap up, I hope you enjoyed my little recap of what I’ve read this month. I hope next month will be more exciting!

Feel free to comment below on your favourite reads of this month or contact me at
– Instagram: creneebookworld
– Goodreads: creneebookworld


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    1. Aww thank you! I wanted to do something a little different, yeah I was half and half about that book!

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