Twenty-one year old writer C. Reneé welcomes all readers to her world of books.

This is a home for all things book related, from her own writing to the latest adventure she has between book covers.

This is a labor of passion and has stemmed from an appreciation for the written art.

“I’ve always wanted to write. In school, I’d always come up with stories and jot them down but never really started writing a book,” Reneé said. “I read everyday. In my spare time, you’ll always see me with a book or my iPad reading a book.”

The appreciation for literature continued on and it lead to finding modern books which peaked Reneé’s interest.

Much of what she reads continues to evolve the genres are already a part of the genres she is drawn to.

“Firstly it was supernatural Romance. I was 14 when Stephanie Meyer brought out ‘Twilight,’ but ever since I read ’50 shades of Grey’ by E.L. James, erotic romance is my favorite.”

The thought of being an author is exciting and opens up a whole new world for Reneé, it brings her to a place where she can happy with herself.

This blog will be a place where she can share what makes her happy with the rest of the world.

“Writing, it calms me and the thought of readers liking what I’ve written makes me the happiest,” Reneé said. “Having it as a real job would be a bonus.”

Along with original content, Reneé will share her thoughts on books and authors who she reads.

This place will be a place for people to learn about Reneé as a person and what inspires her writing.

“Reading, I love escaping the real world, reading new characters and living their life,” Reneé said. “The authors are so nice, some connect with their readers, (showing) they are human, and I love that.”

-Intro written by Jesus, @Thisfunktional of thisfunktional.com, from a short interview with C. Reneé.


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